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The following is a list of the 35 climb guides featured on The Climbing Cyclist, with the climbs arranged in order of descending length. Use the dropdown below to sort the climbs as you see fit.

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Climb name Length Gradient Elevation gain Region Cat.
Dinner Plain 42.4km 2.2% 943m Victorian Alps 1
Mt. Hotham 30.8km 4.2% 1279m Victorian Alps HC
Falls Creek (Mt. Beauty side) 29.8km 3.9% 1164m Victorian Alps 1
Falls Creek (Omeo side) 23.4km 4.2% 980m Victorian Alps HC
Lake Mountain 21.3km 4.3% 908m Yarra Ranges 1
Mt. Buffalo 20.9km 4.8% 1013m Mt. Buffalo National Park 1
Mt. Buller 16.8km 5.9% 985m Victorian Alps 1
Mt. Donna Buang 16.8km 6.4% 1069m Yarra Ranges 1
Boroka Lookout 15.1km 4.0% 600m Grampians National Park 2
Tawonga Gap (Bright side) 13.8km 3.9% 537m Victorian Alps 3
Mt. Baw Baw 12.5km 7.7% 962m Baw Baw National Park HC
Reeds Lookout 12.3km 3.7% 450m Grampians National Park 3
Mt. William 11.5km 7.1% 811m Grampians National Park 1
Mt. Macedon (Woodend side) 11.0km 3.9% 424m Macedon Regional Park 3
Myrtleford-Stanley Road 10.7km 4.7% 501m Victorian Alps 2
Skenes Creek Road 9.2km 5.1% 489m Great Ocean Road 3
Mt. Macedon (Gisborne side) 9.1km 5.4% 491m Macedon Regional Park 3
Chum Creek Road 8.4km 3.5% 295m Yarra Ranges 3
Tawonga Gap (Mt. Beauty side) 7.6km 6.3% 479m Victorian Alps 3
Kinglake 7.2km 4.8% 349m Kinglake National Park 3
Humevale Road 7.2km 3.5% 252m Kinglake National Park 3
The 1-in-20 6.8km 4.0% 274m Dandenong Ranges 3
Mt. Buninyong 5.9km 5.2% 308m Ballarat and surrounds 3
The Devil’s Elbows 5.5km 6.9% 377m Dandenong Ranges 3
The Wall 5.2km 5.7% 294m Dandenong Ranges 3
Panton Gap (Healesville side) 5.2km 7.2% 374m Yarra Ranges 3
Wild Dog Creek Road/Busty Road 5.2km 5.9% 309m Great Ocean Road 3
The Crescent 3.5km 4.3% 152m Dandenong Ranges 4
Terrys Avenue 3.2km 6.9% 225m Dandenong Ranges 2
Buckland Gap 3.2km 7.5% 241m Victorian Alps 3
Arthurs Seat 3.0km 8.1% 208m Mornington Peninsula 2
Inverness Road 2.8km 8.5% 234m Dandenong Ranges 3
Skyline Road 2.5km 5.8% 144m Yarra Valley 4
Perrins Creek Road 2.5km 6.8% 169m Dandenong Ranges 4
One Tree Hill (Ararat) 1.9km 9.9% 188m Ararat and surrounds 4
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