DD17: The 2017 Melbourne Dirty Dozen

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Like hills? Enjoy a challenge on the bike? Want to join other like-minded riders for a great day out? We’d love to have you along for DD17: The 2017 Melbourne Dirty Dozen.

DD17 is the sixth edition of the Melbourne Dirty Dozen, a recreational challenge ride that pits riders against a baker’s dozen of short, but sharp climbs in the Melbourne area. In 2017, the Melbourne Dirty Dozen heads to the bayside suburb of Dromana for the first time.

Here are the basics:

Date: Sunday September 24, 2017
Time: 8am – 1pm
Location: Dromana, Victoria
Cost: $20
Buy tickets: CLICK HERE

Climbs list

1. “Ellerina et al”

Length: 1.7km
Average gradient: 7.8%
Surface: Almost all sealed

01 Ellerina et al

The first climb of DD17 mightn’t have the most menacing average gradient — 7.8% — but as we all know, average gradient only tells part of the story …

This climb, which actually comprises five separate streets, features several steep ramps. And, at 1.7km long it’s a challenging little introduction to the day’s climbing.

2. Hearn Rd

Length: 1.8km
Average gradient: 7.9%
Surface: Sealed

02 Hearn Rd

Climb #2 is another ascent that might look easy on paper, but really isn’t. Hearn Rd is a long, straight drag with several steep sections that will have you working hard throughout.

3. Park Rd

Length: 800m
Average gradient: 9.6%
Surface: Sealed

03 Park Rd

Climb #3, Park Rd, might only be 800m long but make no mistake – this is one of the hardest climbs of the day. Much of its length rises at well above 10% – a tough little leg-breaker so early in the day!

4. Stanley Cres

Length: 1.1km
Average gradient: 8.2%
Surface: Sealed

04 Stanley Rd

Another average gradient that really doesn’t tell the full story. Follow the hairpin around to the right at the bottom and then take a deep breath. The next 300m rises at well above 10%. There’s a flatter section and then the road ramps up again.

A testing climb and another one that’s more than a kilometre long.

5. Bradford Rd

Length: 1.7km
Average gradient: 7.8%
Surface: Sealed

05 Bradford Rd

The day’s final climb in the Mt. Martha area is another long one. Over the course of 1.7km, Bradford Rd rises in a series of challengingly steep ramps of more than 10%. It’s a tough little climb that will contribute to the building fatigue in your legs.

6. Three Laneways

Length: 1km
Average gradient: 9.4%
Surface: Sealed

06 Three Laneways

Climb #6 is one of the most charming of the entire day: a series of three, narrow little laneways in McCrae. Don’t be fooled though – these laneways might be picturesque, but they’re also quite tough.

7. Cairn/Somers/Cook

Length: 1.4km
Average gradient: 7.1%
Surface: Sealed

07 Cairn Somers Cook

Climb #7 features a combination of three streets, and a nice little bonus at the end. Cairn Rd is a reasonably gentle start, but it’s when you turn left onto Somers Ave that things get really challenging. Grind your way through that, turn right onto Cook for a brief reprieve, then turn left up a lovely little access road until you can’t go any further.

More to come …