August 12, 2015

Introducing DD15: the Dirty Dozen moves to Warburton

Back in 2012 David Blom and I put on the first edition of the Melbourne Dirty Dozen, a challenging ride through the Dandenong Ranges inspired by an event that started in the US back in the 1980s. That event, the original Dirty Dozen, still runs today, and features 13 tough climbs around the US city of Pittsburgh. Our plan was to bring a similar event to Melbourne.

The first edition of the Melbourne Dirty Dozen  saw roughly 50 people turn up, and the following year we had more than 100. Last year, in our third outing, we got more than 200. Now the Melbourne Dirty Dozen is back for its fourth edition and this time around we’re doing things a little differently.

The concept of the ride is still the same — a route featuring 13 challengingly steep climbs — but this time we’re moving things from the Dandenongs to the town of Warburton, just outside Melbourne. Why?

There’s no doubt the Dandenongs has a multitude of great, steep climbs and we’ve had plenty of fun exploring those over the past three years. But there are great, steep climbs to experience in other areas around Melbourne as well, including Warburton. We know it’s a little bit further away than the Dandenongs but we have no doubt that if you liked previous editions of the Melbourne Dirty Dozen (and even if you didn’t), you’ll find the DD15 course to be challenging, satisfying and more than a little scenic.

The other big change this year is the addition of some unsealed climbs. Adding these gravel ascents introduces another element to the challenge and allows us to include some truly beautiful stretches of road around Warburton. In a sense, we’re putting the ‘dirty’ back in ‘Dirty Dozen’. In the weeks to come we’ll have more information about these climbs and how to tackle them.

In fact, over the next few weeks, we’ll reveal all 13 climbs of DD15 one-by-one, as we have done in previous years. We’ll also have more about the ride itself including where and when the ride starts and other details you’ll need to know.

In the meantime, we’d encourage you to:

  • Buy a ticket! – The $15 entry fee helps cover the cost of traffic management and public liability insurance for the day. It also gets you a nifty souvenir map and a BBQ lunch at the end of the ride. Spaces are limited so get in while you can.
  • Sign up to the Facebook event page – Stay up to date on all the latest info and chat with fellow riders about the event.
  • Read about previous editions of the ride – Follow the links for reports and photos from 2012, 2013 and 2014.
  • Tell your mates about the ride – the Dirty Dozen isn’t a race. It’s a challenging recreational ride that’s best enjoyed alongside a couple of friends. Get a crew together and come and enjoy the day!
  • Get training! – You’ve got roughly five weeks to get out there, sharpen up your climbing legs and get yourself psyched up for DD15!

Thanks for reading. We hope to see you in Warburton on Sunday September 20 for DD15!


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  1. Stu Roberton / Jun 19 2016

    Is there a date for the 2016 DD yet? Will it be at Warburton again? Cheers

  2. Pete Wright / Sep 22 2015

    This was my first go at a DD, and I was loving it until I had a fall before climb 7.
    Thanks to all of the riders, especially my cycling buddy Joe, who stopped to help me after my fall – greatly appreciated your help. Now that the concussion has eased I need to wait for the shoulder to heal before any more riding. Oh well – it could have been much worse if not for the helmet.
    Thanks also to Matt for the call to check up. Very keen to tackle this again next year!

  3. Hi Matt / Sep 7 2015

    Hi Matt,
    Are there logistic details of the ride anywhere. Like start time? Is it wave starts to control the throng? Will you publish a map so we can navigate or do we just follow the rider in front? Can you reassure me that the course is suitable for my Giant Propel with 23mm tyres.

    • Matt de Neef / Sep 7 2015

      Yep, those details will be going up in the next little while. In short: Start time: 7.30am to 9am; effectively waved starts, yep; map will be online soon + riders will be given a map on the day; I’d go for 25mm tyres.

      • Richard / Sep 7 2015

        Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the ride.

  4. Gavin / Sep 2 2015

    Just like a Dandenong’s DD has to finish with Terry’s, a Warbuton DD has to finish with Donna. Wouldn’t that be something!

    • Matt de Neef / Sep 3 2015

      Gavin, you’re more than welcome to end the day with Donna Buang but the DD15 route itself doesn’t feature that climb. We suspect it’s hard enough without it! 😉

  5. Anthony / Sep 1 2015

    Hi Matt, I can’t believe it. Somehow I’ve managed to delete the email of the ticket I purchased. Would you mind sending me a copy? Cheers.

    • Matt de Neef / Sep 1 2015

      Hi Anthony, don’t worry – we’ve got your entry recorded. We’ll send you an email with important info in the week before the ride. All you need to do is turn up and give us your name!

      • Anthony / Sep 2 2015

        Thanks Matt. Muchos Gracias

  6. Chris / Aug 25 2015

    Hi, the same day as the Dirty Grand Fondo

    Not ideal as the only 2 events I want to do before the end of the year.

    now have to toss the coin

    • Matt de Neef / Aug 26 2015

      Hi Chris, yep, you’re right. Sadly, regardless of what we do, there’s always going to be a clash of some kind, whether that’s with another event, a day that’s likely to mean many people will be busy (e.g. Father’s Day or AFL Grand Final day) or another event happening in the local region. We certainly didn’t put the event on on that day deliberately to clash with the Dirty Gran Fondo.

  7. Don Noble / Aug 19 2015

    Hiya Matt,
    Sounds like a good plan to move the event to Warburton.Pity that I’ll be overseas or I’d sign up for it.

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