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Welcome to The Climbing Cyclist Wiki!

The Climbing Cyclist Wiki is a resource for cyclists worldwide that love the challenge of climbing. It features detailed guides to the best cycling climbs so that riders know what to expect when tackling an ascent for the first time.

This is more than just percentage gradients and Strava files – The Climbing Cyclist Wiki provides detailed information about what you'll face when you decide to challenge yourself on a particular climb.

The map below shows all climbs currently in this wiki:  

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A wiki will only ever be as strong as the community that gets behind it and we want you to help build The Climbing Cyclist Wiki into a resource for cyclists around the world that love climbing by bike. Help share information about your favourite climbs to help make this resource stronger.

Check out the links below for information about how you can get involved:

How to find climb guides

This wiki is still in its infancy but there are a number of ways you can find the climb guides that are currently on the site:

  1. Click on the pins in the map above.
  2. Use the search bar in the top right of the page to search for a climb by name
  3. Use the "category tree" on the right of the page to dig down to the climbs
  4. Do a MultiCategory search, combining search terms like "Category: Unsealed climbs" and "Category: Climbs in Victoria", for example, to a show a list of all the Victorian unsealed climbs on the site.
  5. Do a "semantic search" using the category you want to search in as the "query" (e.g [[Category: Climbs in Australia]]) and the data field you want to search for (e.g. Length). Click here for an example