Alexander Street

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Alexander Street
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Start location: Collaroy
Length: 0.40.4 km
400 metres
0.249 miles
km (0.2 mi)
Average gradient: 1818 %%
Elevation gain: 8585 m
278.871 ft
m (279 ft)
Maximum elevation: 8686 m
282.152 ft
m (282 ft)
Category: 4
Road surface: Sealed
Strava segment: Link

A short and extremely steep climb in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. This street is among the steepest in Sydney.

Start of the climb[edit]

Travel north along Pittwater Road. Turn left onto Alexander Street. You are now at the foot of the climb. Here the sheer steepness is obvious, good luck.

End of the climb[edit]

The Strava segment does not end until the roundabout.

At a glance[edit]

  • Immediately extremely steep
  • Gradient is unrelenting
  • Looking from the bottom, the climb continues out of sight around a right-bend
  • Watch for cars coming down, it can be a busy residential street

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