Glenburnie Road

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Glenburnie Road
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Start location: Eden Park
Length: 1.61.6 km
1,600 metres
0.994 miles
km (1 mi)
Average gradient: 44 %%
Elevation gain: 7373 m
239.501 ft
m (239 ft)
Maximum elevation: 356356 m
1,167.979 ft
m (1168 ft)
Category: SC
Road surface: Sealed
Strava segment: Link

Glenburnie Road is a short steady climb located in Eden Park, a few kilometers north of Whittlesea (approx 30 km north of Melbourne). It is not the longest or hardest of climbs in the area, but a good road followed by an easy descent making this climb worth the effort. Also a great location to do some repeats with a roundabout at each end to go again.

Climb location[edit]

The Glenburnie Road climb is located in Eden Park, approx 1.5 km north of Whittlesea out the Wallan Road. To get to Glenburnie Road, head north out of Whittlesea on Wallan Road and turn left onto Clarkes Road. Follow Clarkes Road as it changes name to Glenburnie Road for approx 2km to reach the roundabout which marks the start of the Glenburnie Road climb.

Start of the climb[edit]

The Glenburnie Road climb commences following a left turn through the roundabout at the intersection of Glenburnie Road, Old Glenburnie Road and Twelfth Avenue in Eden Park. The start starts with a steady gradient allowing you to settle into an early rhythm.

Start of the Glenburnie Road climb.

End of the climb[edit]

The Glenburnie Road climb ends at the roundabout when you reach the top of the hill.

At a glance[edit]

  • A short consistent climb on smooth wide roads
  • A small pinch about half way up
  • Levels off at the top with an easy roundabout to turn around ready for the descent

Description of the climb[edit]

End of the Glenburnie Road climb.

Glenburnie Road is a steady 1.6km climb averaging 4%. There is a small section about half way up where the gradient jumps up but quickly settles back to the average before it levels out just before the finish. The road is a two way road with single lanes each way and there are no bike lane or shoulder on the ascent or descent so using the road lane is the only option.

The descent[edit]

This is a short but easy descent. The road surface is good and the sweeping corners make it very easy to navigate. There are plenty of trees on both sides of the road but a couple of open sections, so watch for unexpected wind gusts as you round a corner. Take caution to slow down adequately prior to the roundabout at the bottom as visibility of the side roads is not great. There are also a couple of driveways towards the end of the descent to watch out for.


Profile of the Glenburnie Road climb.
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Facts about "Glenburnie Road"RDF feed
Average gradient4 % +
CatSC +
Elevation gain73 m (239.501 ft) +
Length1.6 km (1,600 metres, 0.994 miles) +
Maximum elevation356 m (1,167.979 ft) +
Start coordinates-37° 29' 29.7672", 145° 3' 44.2908"Latitude: -37.491602
Longitude: 145.062303
Start locationEden Park +
SurfaceSealed +