Mount Sugarloaf

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Mount Sugarloaf
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Start location: West Wallsend
Length: 2.72.7 km
2,700 metres
1.678 miles
km (1.7 mi)
Average gradient: 7.97.9 %%
Elevation gain: 218218 m
715.223 ft
m (715 ft)
Maximum elevation: 360360 m
1,181.102 ft
m (1181 ft)
Category: 3
Road surface: Sealed
Strava segment: Link

Mount Sugarloaf is popular among Novocastrians because of its close proximity to Newcastle.

Climb location[edit]

Mount Sugarloaf is 150 km North of Sydney and 22 km West of Newcastle.

Start of the climb[edit]

The climb starts where the power lines cut through the bush on Mount Sugarloaf Road.

End of the climb[edit]

The end of the climb is the car park past the toilet block.

At a glance[edit]

  • A dead end road with little traffic
  • A steep pinch 1.5 km in
  • A steep pinch at the end to get into the car park.

Description of the climb[edit]

There is no shoulder but there isn't much traffic since the road is a dead end. There are a few slight corners at the start and then a straight. You can see the end of this straight is a steep pinch that gets to at least a 17% grade. A slight bend to the right and then another straight which isn't steep. Then there is a 180 degree bend to the left and up the short but steep entrance to the car park.


Profile of the Mount Sugarloaf climb.
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History of the climb[edit]

In 2015 a local, Tim Nelson, successfully Everested Mount Sugarloaf.

Alternate start or finish points[edit]

Opinions differ where the climb starts, some have it from Seahampton others near Holmesville

The descent[edit]

The start of the descent is a blind hairpin turn so take care, from there on it is fast but reasonably straight.


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Facts about "Mount Sugarloaf"RDF feed
Average gradient7.9 % +
Cat3 +
Elevation gain218 m (715.223 ft) +
Length2.7 km (2,700 metres, 1.678 miles) +
Maximum elevation360 m (1,181.102 ft) +
Start coordinates-32° 53' 28.932", 151° 33' 54.8712"Latitude: -32.89137
Longitude: 151.565242
Start locationWest Wallsend +
SurfaceSealed +