Mount Warrenheip

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Mount Warrenheip
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Start location: Leigh Creek
Length: 1.81.8 km
1,800 metres
1.118 miles
km (1.1 mi)
Average gradient: 66 %%
Elevation gain: 117117 m
383.858 ft
m (384 ft)
Maximum elevation: 734734 m
2,408.136 ft
m (2408 ft)
Category: 4
Road surface: Sealed
Strava segment: Link

Mount Warrenheip is a small volcanic pimple that rises out of the flatlands east of Ballarat, Victoria. The road up to the summit is often in a state of disrepair, but it's still more than passable on a road bike. This is short climb with some impressive scenery most of the way up and a climb that's been used in the Tour of the Goldfields for a few years now.

Climb location[edit]

Mount Warrenheip can be found roughly 9km east of Ballarat and 15km north-north-east of Buninyong. The climb as listed here starts when Mount Warrenheip Road does, at its intersection with Forbes Road. For those more familiar with the local tourist attraction, Mount Warrenheip towers over Kryal Castle which is just a little further north along Forbes Road.

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End of the climb[edit]

The climb ends when the road does, at a gravelly carpark at the top of the hill, in front of a communications tower.

At a glance[edit]

  • The steepest section is at the start.
  • The climb averages 7-8% for the first 1.3km.
  • There are some great views on the left after 900m.
  • From 1.3km to the summit the road is flatter.

Description of the climb[edit]

End of the Mount Warrenheip climb.

The steepest part of this climb is the first section after you turn on to Mount Warrenheip Road. It's roughly 8-9% for a brief moment before settling in to a more consistent gradient of 7-8%.

Kryal Castle is visible straight ahead as you start the climb but it's soon out of view when you bend around to the right after 300m. Some 400m into the climb the road is surrounded by lush ferns as the gradient hovers around the 7-8% mark.

After 900m of climbing you bend around to the right and there are some terrific views on the left-hand side of the road. The road flattens off after 1.3km and continues at 4-5% the rest of the way to the summit.

The road has become more potholed and rough from around 2016 so take care when descending to avoid coming off the bike or getting pinch flats.

History of the climb[edit]

Since 2013, Mount Warrenheip has featured in the Tour of the Goldfields, a women's only race on the National Road Series. The climb features at the end of the final day of racing, often determining who will win the race overall.

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Adjoining climbs/nearby climbs[edit]

Alternate start or finish points[edit]

  • If you're after a longer ascent, you can actually start this climb on Old Melbourne Road, at the corner of Britts and Howard Road. From here you head north-west along Old Melbourne Road, turn right on to Forbes Road and then right on to Mount Warrenheip Road. This full climb is 3.3km at 6%.
  • Another alternate start point is at the corner of Old Melbourne Road and Forbes Road. Head north on Forbes Road then continue the climb by turning right on to Mount Warrenheip Road. This gives a total of 2.3km at 7%.
  • For a longer climb, start near the centre of Ballarat (Near the skate ramp) at the bottom of Eureka St (Cnr Main Road), this is a climb of 11.2Km at an average grade of 3%. This is a 310m elevation gain. Climb up Eureka St (East), turn left into Warrenheip St and follow to the end then right onto Old Melbourne Road. Turn left onto Forbes (North) and finally Right onto Mount Warrenheip Road.
  • Another start closer to the mount is from Dunnstown to the top of Warrenheip a total of 4.4Km at 5% grade. When you return have a meal at the Dunnstown hotel.

The descent[edit]

As you will notice on the way up, the road surface on this climb is quite sketchy. Take care on the way down, paying particular attention for potholes and gravelly sections. After rain and wind there is often a lot of debris on the road, take care as it could become entrapped in your wheel ending in a nasty crash.


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Average gradient6 % +
Cat4 +
Elevation gain117 m (383.858 ft) +
Length1.8 km (1,800 metres, 1.118 miles) +
Maximum elevation734 m (2,408.136 ft) +
Start coordinates-37° 34' 22.62", 143° 57' 8.5104"Latitude: -37.57295
Longitude: 143.952364
Start locationLeigh Creek +
SurfaceSealed +