Tarra Valley Road

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Tarra Valley Road
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Start location: Tarra Valley
Length: 5.95.9 km
5,900 metres
3.666 miles
km (3.7 mi)
Average gradient: 66 %%
Elevation gain: 318318 m
1,043.307 ft
m (1043 ft)
Maximum elevation: 527527 m
1,729.003 ft
m (1729 ft)
Category: 3
Road surface: Sealed
Strava segment: Link

Tarra Valley Road is a climb between Yarram and Tarra Bulga national park, part of the Strezlecki ranges in central Gippsland, Victoria.

The more challenging portion of the climb starts from the sign indicating the entrance to the national park, ascending for 6km at 5%, with stretches above 8%.

The road is narrow, with only enough room for a single car at a time, however there is very little traffic and passing cars shouldn't present any troubles. The scenery is nothing short of stunning, following along the Tarra river for much of the climb, and the entire climb is under the canopy of huge tree ferns. The descent however needs to be taken fairly carefully, due to the very narrow road (which is often slippery in the naturally damp rainforest air), poor visibility around corners, and significant amount of tree debris lying across the road.

Climb location[edit]

Half-way between Yarram and Balook. Accessible from either South Gippsland highway (Yarram side), or the Princes Freeway (Traralgon). Follow the signs to Tarra Bulga national park. Various accommodation options exist in the valley itself, from camping to well-appointed cottages and B&B's. There is also a lodge in the town of Balook.

Start of the climb[edit]

The 5% climb starts more or less as you pass the entrance sign for Tarra Bulga National Park.

Start of the Tarra Valley Road climb.

End of the climb[edit]

The climb ends when the road does, at the T-intersection with Grand Ridge road.


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Tree ferns towering over the Tarra Valley Road on the descent.

Adjoining climbs/nearby climbs[edit]

The full 12km climb averages only 3%.

At the T-intersection at the top, there is a further climb up to the small town of Balook where you can get a meal and coffee at the Tarra Bulga guest house.

The park can also be approached by a very decent climb from the north (coming from Traralgon). The summit is also known as "Mount Tassie".

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Facts about "Tarra Valley Road"RDF feed
Average gradient6 % +
Cat3 +
Elevation gain318 m (1,043.307 ft) +
Length5.9 km (5,900 metres, 3.666 miles) +
Maximum elevation527 m (1,729.003 ft) +
Start coordinates-38° 28' 2.388", 146° 33' 12.024"Latitude: -38.46733
Longitude: 146.55334
Start locationTarra Valley +
SurfaceSealed +