Bikepacking the Otways: gear list


This is a complete list of the gear I carried during a bikepacking trip into the Otways Forest Park in April 2014.

– Cannondale F7 26” mountain bike with Shimano road pedals
– Bontrager helmet
– Shimano road shoes
– Garmin Edge 500 + USB cable for charging
– Sunglasses
– Thongs
– Denali Gale two-man tent
– Outerlimits compact 100 sleeping bag (rated to +10 degrees)
– Denali inflatable sleeping mat
– Denali inflatable pillow
– Denali microfibre towel
– Revelate Viscacha saddlebag (14L)
– Revelate Sweetroll handlebar bag (14L)
– Fluid 2L hydration pack
– 3 pairs of socks
– 3 pairs of undies
– 1 pair of jeans
– 1 pair of shorts
– 2 x T-shirts
– Thermal long-sleeved shirt
– 2 sets of cycling kit (bib knicks and jersey)
– iPhone 5 + charger
– Portapow portable charger and two charging cables
– Knog Rear light
– Knog front light (doubles as torch)
– Knog extension chord to charge lights
– Sunscreen
– Waterproof cover for backpack
– Heartrate monitor
– Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss
– 2 spare tubes
Domestique pouch with Myki, credit card and debit card, drivers license, and cash
– 2 ziplock bags (spare)
– 2 elastic bands (to roll clothes)
– 2 plastic shopping bags (spare)
– Knife, fork and cup
– Fingerless cycling gloves
– Minipump, puncture repair kit and multitool
– Ventolin asthma inhaler
– Nurofen
– Keys
– iPod and headphones
– 5 energy bars + 3 x energy chews (all Winners)
– Food (oats, spices, lentils, cous cous, tuna, soup packets etc.)
– Rain jacket
– 2 1-metre cam straps

Weight of fully-loaded bike: 22kg
Weight of fully-loaded hydration pack: 3kg

Nick had similar gear with him but also brought a Trangia camp stove. We cooked most breakfasts and dinners on the Trangia (including cous cous with tuna, oatmeal for breakfast etc.) and bought other food as we went.

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