The Wall

3rd category climb

Length: 5.2km
Average gradient: 5.7%
Elevation gain: 294m


Starting on the outskirts of Monbulk, The Wall climbs back up the slopes of Mt. Dandenong toward the mountain-top township of Olinda. While the climb’s average gradient isn’t overly challenging, The Wall is so named because of two steep sections, one of which reaches a maximum gradient of just under 10%.

The start

The Wall begins at the corner of Monbulk Road (C404) and Monbulk Olinda Road (C406) and if you are timing yourself up this climb, you should start your stopwatch as soon as you are on Monbulk Olinda Road.


The finish

The Wall ends in line with the Olinda swimming pool sign which, as can be seen below, is on the right-hand side of the road.


At a glance

  • A challenging climb with two steep sections and several flatter sections.
  • The first steep pinch (~10%) is 500m long and starts at the 2km mark.
  • The second steep pinch (~8%)  is roughly 1km long and starts at the 3.5km mark.

Climb details

While The Wall certainly has a couple of challenging sections, it isn’t the steepest nor the most difficult in the area. The climbing starts right away, however, with a steady gradient being maintained from the beginning of the climb until the unmissable hairpin-bend around 1km up the road.

As you swing around sharply to the right the road flattens out a little before resuming a steady gradient for the next kilometer. At the climb’s 2km mark the road becomes noticeably steeper and it is in this 500m pinch that climb’s steepest gradient, at roughly 10%, is encountered.

After resuming a more friendly pitch for the next kilometre, the road turns skyward again just after Gentiana’s Nursery on the left-hand side of the road. This steep section is not as brutal as the first but is around twice the length, leaving you with around 1km of undulating road before the finish at the Olinda swimming pool.



The Wall is a climb best accessed once already in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. If you have just ridden up the 1 in 20, a left turn at the Mt. Dandenong Tourist Road and a couple of kilometers of gentle climbing will leave you in Olinda. By turning right at Monbulk Olinda Road you can descend The Wall, before turning around at the intersection with Monbulk Road.

If you are coming from Belgrave or other suburbs on the southern slopes of the mountain, Monbulk Road from Belgrave to Kallista is a breathtaking ride through Sherbrooke Forest Park and from there Monbulk Road can be followed to the base of the climb.


A Strava segment for this climb can be found here.


15 Replies to “The Wall”

  1. Awesome website, did this climb last weekend, i found this easier than the devil’s elbow, the devil’s one hits you from the start where this one there are a few flat bits where you can catch your breath.

  2. at 115kgs i don’t know why i keep trying hill climbs. But i like the sense of achievement when/if i make it to the top this one i didn’t but will give it another go in a few weeks after some more training/weight los

  3. Did this climb for the umpteenth time today with my wife. This was in the middle of a 1500m+ climbing ride. Was very pleased to do it with my 24kg hybrid using 39/24 gear ratio. And I am 62 yrs young. Don’t ask about the time though. All this training using heavy bike and panniers certainly pays off.

  4. Hey Guys,

    I’ve cooked up a nice route which takes this climb in (see link below). If you’d like to join me, meet me at Mooroolbark station at 8:40am 30/12/12 (its the first train in unfortunately so I cant meet any earlier). – 65km, 4 climbs (about 23km worth)

    I race D grade in Canberra. The route should take 2:45-3:00?

    Also, excellent site – thanks!

  5. Great website. I did this climb today after descending it last weekend, I think a great way to approach the Wall is from the roundabout in Belgrave, where you have some great climbing all the way to Kallista (and just beyond), the Kallista to Monbulk section is relatively flat with some fun sweeping descending before beginning to climb again, prior to the left turn onto Olinda Monbulk Road and the Wall proper. Giving a total distance of about 13.5km, if measured all the way from the Belgrave roundabout to Olinda.

  6. Just rode this back to back with The devils elbow and found this a much easier climb.

    Having ridden 4 climbs now from this site in the last week (These two and Humevale Road back to back with Kinglake climb on Saturday), I think I may be finally ready for Donna!

    Gotta say thanks for the amazing info (and even motivation) this site provides!

    1. I ride both climbs on the same ride as well. The Wall and Devil’s elbow are different. Devil’s elbow is a more constant climb. I don’t think the gradient varies too much so that you can tap out a constant pace. Whereas the Wall hits hard in a couple of places and has a few stretches which are at a gentle grade. Hence, it is harder to get into a rhythym. Therefore, I find Devil’s elbow easier

  7. Hi Matt, Discovered your great site today. Thanks for all the info. One minor thing for the sticklers: cycle2max lists the start of The Wall at the restaurant, which is 50~60m up Olinda-Monbulk Rd from the intersection. Starting your watch at the corner probably adds 7~8secs to your time. Cheers, Vince

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