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Here at The Climbing Cyclist we’ve published a whole bunch of articles and blog posts in the past few years. To ensure nothing gets lost in the mists of time, and to make older articles/posts easier to find, we’ve created this archive page.

Here you’ll find cycling stories from a range of contributors, blog posts about Matt’s training for the 3 Peaks Challenge, articles about cycling-related experiences and much more. Bear in mind that some articles/posts appear in more than one category.

If you can’t find something you’re looking for, would like to see something covered in more depth or have any other feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Trips and adventures

In the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to visit various parts of the world with my bike. This is a collection of the stories I’ve written about those trips and the amazing roads (and climbs) I’ve seen along the way.

Cycling New Zealand 2015

In February 2015 I ventured over to New Zealand for a two-week trip in which I managed to get in five enjoyable rides. I wrote a piece with photos for each ride, plus an extra post about a visit to “the world’s steepest street”: Baldwin Street in Dunedin.

Bikepacking the Otways

In April 2014 I embarked on a four-day bikepacking adventure south west of Melbourne with my best mate from high school, Nick Harvey. It was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had as a cyclist, and in general.

Tour de France trip 2013

As part of my job at CyclingTips I headed over to Europe in June-July 2013 to cover the Tour de France. I went with CyclingTips founder and publisher Wade Wallace and we were away for a total of five weeks, including a few days in Hong Kong and Varese, Italy.

Throughout the trip I published a handful of blog posts, all of which featured a whole bunch of photos.

Cycling USA 2012

In June and July 2012 my youngest brother Ash and I ventured to the USA for a five-week holiday. Ash was there for a jazz course at New York University and I was there to do some cycling. I managed the following rides in the US, all on hire bikes.

Cycling New Zealand 2011

In January 2011, as part of my preparation for the 2011 3 Peaks Challenge, I was lucky enough to do a handful of rides in New Zealand.

Assorted travel and adventure pieces

Domestique 7 Peaks Series

In a collaboration between the Hells 500 cycling collective and The Climbing Cyclist Andy van Bergen and I organised a series of group rides to help cyclists get through Tourism Victoria’s 7 Peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge. The series was all about encouraging more riders to get into climbing and providing a safe and welcoming environment for those that came along.

The series began in 2012/13 and has run for three seasons thus far.

Domestique 7 Peaks Series 2012/13

The first Domestique 7 Peaks Series comprised 12 rides.

Domestique 7 Peaks Series 2013/14

In 2013/14 Andy and I hosted one ride for each of the 7 Peaks.

Domestique 7 Peaks Series 2014/15

In 2014/15 Andy and I again hosted one ride for each of the 7 Peaks.

Memorable rides and cycling events

From time to time I’m lucky enough to participate in a great cycling event — something more than a simple weekend spin in the hills. It might be a mass participation event like Amy’s Gran Fondo, or a group ride I’ve helped to organise.

Dirty Dozen rides

The original Dirty Dozen was born in Pittsburgh, USA in 1983 and now David Blom and I have helped bring the concept to Australia. The idea is simple: complete a course that features 12 (or 13) of the toughest local climbs. After we held a Melbourne version in May 2012, the concept quickly spread to Adelaide and Hobart. Hopefully it continues to grow!

Other rides of note

A selection of other rides that I’ve done that I’d like to preserve for posterity:

Ride Hard to Breathe Easy Strava challenge 2012

In April 2012 I took part in the Ride Hard to Breathe Easy Challenge on Strava, a challenge with a simple goal — to ride 800km in April. Underlying the challenge was a great cause though: to raise awareness about lung cancer — which can affect anyone, not just smokers — and honour the life of Karen Munroe, who lost her battle with lung cancer in late 2011.


These are a collection of posts written not about my own cycling adventures, but about issues related to cycling and, more often than not, climbing.

Race reports

I’ve only done a handful of races so far, but I’ve blogged about each of them.

Personal or philosophical posts

A collection of posts about things that are going on in my life, with relevance to cycling, or observations about cycling and how to enjoy it.

Guest posts

The following is a full list of the guest posts published on The Climbing Cyclist. Thanks very much to all of the authors for being so generous with their time — it is greatly appreciated.


It’s only a short list so far.

Epic climbs from around the world

As good as the climbing is in Victoria (and indeed Australia) you really have to go overseas if you want to experience the best mountains the world has to offer. In this ongoing series, guest bloggers write about the epic climbs they’ve done in Europe and elsewhere.


This is a collection of reviews I’ve written about various cycling-related products and experiences.

Hells 500 rides

The Hells 500 crew, led by Andy van Bergen, are known for their crazily long rides and epic adventures. The following is a collection of articles about Hells 500 and the great rides they’ve put together.

3 Peaks Challenge

Between 2010 and 2013 I completed Bicycle Network’s 3 Peaks Challenge three times. I blogged about each event, and about the training for most of them.

3 Peaks Challenge 2013

A few weeks before the 2013 3 Peaks Challenge, Bicycle Network Victoria was forced to make a route change due to bushfires and landslides on the road between Mt. Hotham and Omeo. While some argued that revised course was easier, I still found the ride to be extremely challenging.

In the lead-up to the event I wrote a ‘what to expect’ guide and then a revised ‘what to expect’ guide when the route was changed. I also put together a write-up that detailed my experience of the 2013 3 Peaks Challenge.

3 Peaks Challenge 2012

From early November 2011 I spent four months training for the 2012 3 Peaks Challenge. The following blog posts document my preparation for the event, concluding with a write-up of 3 Peaks itself.

3 Peaks Challenge 2011

On October 13, 2010 I signed up for the 3 Peaks Challenge 2011. Over the next five months I trained up for the epic event. The following are blog posts about my training, concluding with a write-up of 3 Peaks 2011 itself.

3 Peaks Challenge 2010

In late 2009, after completing Bicycle Network Victoria’s Around the Bay in a Day for the second time, my brother Brendan and I decided to try something a little more challenging: the 3 Peaks Challenge. We started our training in late December before an attempt at the inaugural 3 Peaks in mid-March 2010.

The Tour of Australia

In early 2013 David Blom and I got to thinking about why there are only three Grand Tours in professional cycling: the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana. We wondered what it might be like if there were four Grand Tours and if that fourth one happened to be in Australia.

So in June 2013, after much planning and hard work, David and I published the route for a fictional Tour of Australia: a three-week long Grand Tour that started in Adelaide and finished in Sydney, via Melbourne and the Great Dividing Range. The following year we released a new three-week-long route.

Tour of Australia 2013

The route for the 2013 Tour of Australia was as follows:

Tour of Australia 2014

This is the route for the 2014 Tour of Australia.

Other published works and media appearances

This is a list of articles I’ve written for other outlets (including for my day job at CyclingTips) and media appearances I’ve made since starting up The Climbing Cyclist. 

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    I have no comment, only a serious question. I am going to attempt the next Seasons 7 Peaks rides. I need to buy a really good light, climbing wheel set. I can’t make a decision on whether to go for Carbon wheels, or normal alloy wheels. Ie; Durace c24. I have heard reports on the Carbon clinchers delaminating, or over heating, and causing blowouts while descending. Because of the heat buildup under severe braking. I would appreciate any guidelines, or help making my decision, as most wheel sets cost a considerable amount. Also, there is the safety aspect, trying to avoid a blowout descending.
    Thank you in advance.
    Louis Nuspan

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