Episode 4: The Chum Creek discovery

Route: Healesville, Chum Creek, Toolangi loop
Distance: 32.2km
Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes
Chum Creek Road climb time: 24 minutes 40 seconds

Chum Creek Road climb

With the weather forecast predicting rain, rain and more rain for the weekend, my planned ride to Healesville was looking less and less likely. Fortunately though, the rain cleared for several hours on Sunday afternoon – long enough to drive out to Healesville and get in a cheeky ascent of Chum Creek Road.

I had heard great things about the ~8km climb and what I saw didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. Lush ferns, native gums, quiet roads – not much more you could ask for as a cyclist. I won’t go into too much detail about how amazing the climb was because part of the motivation for heading up to Chum Creek was to get information about the climb so I could add it to the site. Stay posted for that one.

After climbing for a little under 25 minutes I took a right-hander at Myers Creek road, right by the Toolangi Tavern. I didn’t stop for a feed but I would certainly recommend doing so if you’re in the area. The meals are generously portioned and very cheap and the tavern itself has a tremendous vibe about it.

After climbing for several more kilometres Myers Creek Road dropped away before me and I was flying back down toward Healesville. The Myers Creek Road climb is another of the climbs that I’m keen to add to the site and I’ll certainly be back in the near future to ride and document it.

It was another short ride and it was a shame that weather and time didn’t allow for a more detailed look around this great region. For anyone that hasn’t been for a ride in and around the Healesville area, I’d certainly recommend it. There are just so many great roads to ride on and for those that are so inclined (pardon the pun), plenty of climbs to tackle as well.

I’ve been managing at least one ride to uni each week of late which is helping to supplement my short weekend rides. As the weeks progress I’m hoping to get a chance to do some longer rides and start to build some form and fitness as we approach the new year.

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118 days to go…

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