Return to Kinglake

Route: Eltham to Kinglake return
Distance: 67.5km
Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes

It’s amazing how much difference a couple weeks on the bike can make. A little over three weeks ago I did the same ride as I did today and struggled quite considerably. Today, however, I felt really strong and despite not pushing hard for most of it, I was less than a minute off my best time up the 7.2km climb to Kinglake. Brendan managed to set a personal best by a couple of minutes.

My bent rear derailleur seemed to behave itself for most of the day but the ride certainly wasn’t free of annoying gear slipping. In good news, my new cassette arrived today and so tomorrow morning I will head down to the LBS and see if they can fix or replace the derailleur and attach the new cassette in the process.

For those that haven’t done the ride through Melbourne’s north-east out to Kinglake, what are you waiting for? With nice rolling hills, amazing scenery and the gorgeous climb up to the township of Kinglake this is one of the greatest rides that Melbourne has to offer. I’m just lucky to live within comfortable riding distance!

Assuming that my bike is repaired by Saturday, I am supposed to be meeting Brendan for a ride in the Dandenongs. It has been a while since he headed up to the ‘Nongs and it will be a good opportunity to do some more climbing in another breathtaking part of the state. What is it about cycling and amazing scenery?!

39 days to go…

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  1. Hi Matt

    I was wondering if you remember the route that you took from eltham to kinglake for your ride back then?


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