Episode 1: And so it begins

So it looks like I’m riding in the 3 Peaks Challenge next year. After a winter of general indifference toward cycling, the onset of spring seems to have rekindled a desire that lay dormant for several months. Having failed spectacularly at this year’s 3 Peaks Challenge, it seemed silly not to sign up and try again. After all, it wasn’t a lack of fitness that ended our campaign in March, rather a mechanical issue.

So, with a resolution to pay greater attention to the maintenance and upkeep of my bike, I forked out 250 hard-earned dollars and locked myself into a day of pain and suffering in March 2011.

Luckily, I won’t be going it alone. Brendan, too, has decided on a second attempt at Bicycle Victoria’s epic 230km loop and is planning on signing up in the next few weeks. Perhaps this time I won’t ruin his chances of finishing.

While there’s still around five months until we roll out of the start line at Falls Creek, there’s a lot of work to be done between now and then. Last weekend Brendan ventured that he hadn’t ridden in three months and my own record isn’t much better. A few short rides here and there are hardly likely to keep one fit over the cold winter months. Time then, to get training.

Route: Carlton to Mordialloc, return
Distance: 65km
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

Last time I started training for an event after several months off the bike, I made the mistake of thinking I could just resume where I left off. 110km into a 120km ride I hit the wall in a big way, only just managing to make it home without calling for a lift home. This time around, I’ve learnt from my mistake.

On Sunday afternoon I headed into the city and met Brendan at Carlton for a nice easy spin down Beach Road to Mordialloc. While 65km isn’t the shortest ride I’ve ever done, that particular route is probably one of the least exhausting. With little more than 100m of altitude gain in the whole ride and beautifully smooth roads throughout, we certainly weren’t pushing ourselves all that hard for our first training ride.

All that aside, we probably couldn’t have asked for better cycling weather. It was a sunny 25 degrees with no clouds to speak of and we weren’t the only ones enjoying the summer-like weather. People filled the beaches in St. Kilda, lined the jetty at Mordialloc and queued up for food and drinks at the popular Tour de Cafe.

Understandably, we took a little longer to finish the ride than we would at the peak of fitness but it was still good to get out on the bike and start getting some kays into the legs. At this stage it looks like Brendan and I will be able to ride most Sundays and as we get closer to March, I’m sure we’ll start riding at least a couple times a week.

If you’re interested in following Brendan and I as we train up for this most epic of events, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed and leave comments as you see fit. As well as write-ups and photos of our training rides, we will also be posting videos in the coming months.

Thanks for reading and we’ll speak again soon.

151 days to go…

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2 Replies to “Episode 1: And so it begins”

  1. G’day Matt,

    Only been on to site for 5seconds but luv what I’ve seen so far.

    Have you done the warrandyte state park whipstick gully area x/c route?


    1. Hi Bren. Thanks for your comment. No I haven’t ridden in the Warrandyte State Park at all actually. Sounds interesting though – have you got a ride you would recommend in particular?

      Thanks again.


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