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There are more great cycling climbs out there than one or two people will ever be able to document. And rather than only publishing climb guides that we’re able to research, it makes great sense to allow anyone to provide information about their favourite climb.

The aim here is to continue developing The Climbing Cyclist as a resource for cyclists that like the challenge of riding uphill. If you’d like to contribute to that resource, we’d love to have your input. Of course, we’ll credit you for your work on the climb guide.

All you have to do to add your favourite climb to the site is fill in the form below with information about the climb, then submit three photos. Simply follow the instructions below to begin.

But first …

Before you start submitting your climb, here are a few things you should be aware of:

– the climb might already be featured on the site. If it’s in this list you don’t need to add it

– Please ensure that any climbs submitted have an elevation gain of more than 100m and/or are more than 2km long.

Fill in the form


One of the most important elements to a climb guide is photos of the climb, so that riders know what to expect. When submitting a climb you’ll need to upload three photos: one showing where the climb starts, one showing where the climb finishes, and one that gives the reader and idea of what the climb is like.

Please click on the links below to submit the photos:

A photo of the start
A photo of the finish
A photo somewhere along the climb

Thanks for submitting your climb!

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