Domestique Dirty Dandys

If you love climbing and you live in Melbourne, chances are you spend a fair bit of time in the Dandenongs. And if you do, you probably spend much of your time on the more popular climbs. But there are also a bunch of amazing unsealed roads in the Dandenongs that should be on your radar. We took a group of 30 riders out to explore some of these great roads. Read more “Domestique Dirty Dandys”

The warm-up is done, now bring on Mt. Baw Baw!

If I had to nominate the 7 Peaks climb I'm most looking forward to riding this spring/summer, it would have to be Mt. Baw Baw. It's probably the hardest of the 7 climbs, but there's something about the ridiculous, unrelenting gradients that has great appeal. Of course, there's also the awesome ride between Noojee and the climb to look forward to -- in fact, that's probably up there with the best roads I've ever cycled. Read more “The warm-up is done, now bring on Mt. Baw Baw!”

Dandenongs half-dozen: six of the best in a solid solo sesh

When my alarm went off at 7.30 on Sunday morning it took all my motivation not to roll over and go back to sleep. No-one had responded with any great enthusiasm to my tweets and Facebook messages about going for a ride -- unsurprising given I sent them at 10pm the night before -- so any ride I did was going to be a solo effort. Read more “Dandenongs half-dozen: six of the best in a solid solo sesh”