New climb added to the site: Buckland Gap

If you’ve ever ventured to the gorgeous town of Beechworth in Victoria’s high country, you will have seen that there aren’t many flat roads in the area. This makes Beechworth a perfect destination for a cycling holiday … assuming you like a bit of climbing (and if you don’t, what are you reading this for?!)

The Buckland Gap climb is one of many in the area and arguably one of the hardest. Sure, it might be short at only 3.2km long, but the final 2.4km of the climb have an average gradient of close to 9% as the road winds its way up the hill towards Beechworth.

So, check out the Buckland Gap climb guide and be sure to check out the climb if you’re ever in the area. And if you have done the climb before, why not leave a comment at the link above — the more people that give their perspective on the climbs the better!

Oh, and while I think of it, the Buckland Gap is the 30th climb to be added to the site! It’s been a slow process and it’s often been many months between climbs, but I’ve now posted three climbs in the past three weeks and there’s plenty more to come. Enjoy!

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