7 Peaks Domestique Series ride #2: Mt. Baw Baw

Few hills in Victoria inspire fear quite like Mt. Baw Baw. Sure, reports of it being the hardest sealed road climb in Australia might be overblown -- this is supposedly harder -- but it's still a climb that will make you suffer for almost every metre. So when Andy van Bergen and I plotted out the dates for our 7 Peaks Domestique Series and put Mt. Baw Baw so close to the start, we probably weren't expecting more than 20 people to turn up. We needn't have worried. Read more “7 Peaks Domestique Series ride #2: Mt. Baw Baw”

The warm-up is done, now bring on Mt. Baw Baw!

If I had to nominate the 7 Peaks climb I'm most looking forward to riding this spring/summer, it would have to be Mt. Baw Baw. It's probably the hardest of the 7 climbs, but there's something about the ridiculous, unrelenting gradients that has great appeal. Of course, there's also the awesome ride between Noojee and the climb to look forward to -- in fact, that's probably up there with the best roads I've ever cycled. Read more “The warm-up is done, now bring on Mt. Baw Baw!”

The Demon's Double (with some hell in between)

'I've ridden the first 140km of this ride before, how hard could it be to add one climb of Mt. Donna Buang to that? After all I did a Triple Donna just a few weeks ago!' All of that was true, but it didn't make the ride any easier. In fact, if you erase the 3 Peaks Challenge from my cycling memory, Saturday would probably be the hardest ride I've ever done. Read more “The Demon's Double (with some hell in between)”

Around the Lake (a Hells 500 epic)

Two days before Around the Lake I still didn't know if I was going or not. Sure, I'd forked out $110 for a set of 25mm 'puncture resistant' tyres to combat the ride's 50km of dirt, but that didn't mean I could get the tyres on my wheels. In fact, two hours of stretching and straining on Wednesday night yielded nothing but frustration, blood blisters and a burning desire to stay at home come Saturday morning. EXCERPT Read more “Around the Lake (a Hells 500 epic)”

Return to the Reefton Spur (of climbs, cold and KOMs)

I've only ridden the Reefton Spur twice but I can comfortably say it's one of my favourite cycling roads. Amazing scenery, great views, a long, sustained and rewarding climb and, for the most part, a nice quiet road. So when Andy and Evan of Hells 500 fame said they were planning on heading out there last Sunday, I had no hesitation in agreeing to come along. EXCERPT Read more “Return to the Reefton Spur (of climbs, cold and KOMs)”