Video: A week at the Aussie Road Nationals

For Australian cycling fans, January is just about the biggest month of the year. July is obviously huge due to the Tour de France, but if it’s great local racing you’re after, then you can’t go past the Aussie summer of cycling.

It all started on January 1 with the Bay Crits and continued last week with the Australian Road National Championships.

I spent the week up in Ballarat/Buninyong, covering the Nationals for CyclingTips and while I had an awesome time reporting on the races, I had just as much fun getting out riding.

There are so many great rides around Ballarat, not least the Nationals road race circuit itself which is 10.2km long and includes the first part of the climb up Mt. Buninyong.

While I was in Ballarat I thought I’d try something a little different for the blog. Instead of just taking photos and writing about the week, I put together a bit of a video diary showing what I got up to over the weekend.

I’m keen to know what you think — is this the sort of thing you’d like to see more of? I’m heading over to cover Tour Down Under next weekend and can try to provide a behind the scenes perspective from there if it’s of interest … Let me know!

Here’s the video:

And see below for a few little snaps I took along the way. Thanks for reading (and watching!)

4 Replies to “Video: A week at the Aussie Road Nationals”

  1. Enjoyed the change;but I’m a traditionalist,so don’t forget the written word entirely.Looking forward to descriptions of some of the TDU climbs.Enjoy the Trip!

  2. Love the video. Keep them coming! Having ridden the course very slowly (hopeless climber), these riders deserve all of the kudos.

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