New climb added to the site: Mt. Buninyong

It’s been a little while between drinks but here’s a new climb for you all to try: Mt. Buninyong. The lower slopes of the mountain play host to the Australian National Road Race Championships every year but the riders don’t actually go to the top. Instead they turn off a few kilometres before the summit, heading down towards Mt. Helen before looping back to Buninyong. Why don’t they go to the summit?

For a start, the road is one lane in each direction (one up, one down) with a nasty cross-over point where the uphill lane and downhill lane intersect. Policing that crossover would be simply impossible in a race situation. Not only that but I think some of the sprinters might have something to say if they had to do a 5.9km climb every time they went around the course!

The climb is located about 10km south of Ballarat and about 120km west-north-west of Melbourne. While it starts in the middle of Buninyong on a reasonable busy road, the climb gets quieter as you go along and the second half is quite stunning. There are some great views to the right of the road as it corkscrews its way counterclockwise up to the summit. Be sure to climb to lookout tower when you get up there too; the views are more than worth the effort.

Overall it’s not a hugely challenging climb, but there are a couple of steep ramps which will have you working hard.

Click here to check out the climb page and learn more.

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  1. The could always do the climb as a summit finish to the nationals every second or 3rd year. That would be a winner for mine…

    The best view from this mountain is looking at the other major volcanic landmark in the region: Mt Warrenheip.

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