New climb added to the site: The Crescent

If you’ve ever explored the Dandenongs by bike you might have come across The Crescent. It’s one of many climbs that finishes at the Mt. Dandenong Tourist Road and while it’s not a particularly challenging climb, it does have a bit of a sting in the tail. It’s also one of the most scenic climbs in the ‘Nongs, a fact that you can really appreciate while climbing given the small number of motorists that seem to use this road.

I’ve only climbed it a few times but each time it’s been part of a multi-climb ride in the Dandenongs. The Crescent lends itself perfectly to rides like that, given it’s so close to the 1 in 20, The Wall, Perrins Creek Road, The Devil’s Elbows, Sherbrooke Road and more.

So, check out The Crescent climb guide then head out there and ride it yourself. And once you have, head back to the climb guide and leave a comment. If it’s a climb you’ve already done, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

Stay posted for more new climbs in the coming weeks and don’t forget the Mt. Buninyong climb guide which was added just recently.


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