May 2, 2016

Video: Things don't always go to plan

A few weeks ago I set a very satisfying new PB on the 1 in 20, the most popular climb in the Melbourne area. While I’d been feeling strong in the lead-up, I certainly didn’t think I could take nearly a minute off my best.

So when I did, my immediate thought was: “Right, what other climbs can I try and PB while I’m in good form?!”

Top of my list was Kinglake, another of the most well-loved and frequently ridden climbs around Melbourne. So, last Saturday I set off from home with a new Kinglake PB in mind.

Here’s what happened:

Have you got something you’d like to see me cover, either in video or in text/photo form? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Ingrid Jukes / May 3 2016

    I know exactly how you feel about getting nervous before a PB attempt! I always do too. Head winds definitely don’t help, all my PB’s happen when there’s a tail wind 🙂 I’m sure you’ll get it next time.

  2. Dave C / May 3 2016

    You talked yourself out of it before you started. Need to work on the head more than the legs mate! Maybe? I say that with all due respect and I obviously don’t know you very well!

  3. jules / May 2 2016

    my tip (take it or leave it) – you can’t spend time chatting after your warmup, you gotta keep moving. and hit that final climb before KL hard. but then, some days you just don’t have the legs.. 21 mins isn’t bad!

    • Matt de Neef / May 2 2016

      Good call Jules, but I just didn’t have the legs regardless. Knew it the moment I left the house but figured I’d try anyway!

      • jules / May 2 2016

        yep, that was me on Sunday!

    • Gavin / May 6 2016

      Also I don’t think warm-ups are meant to “hurt” at all. They are just meant to warm you up.

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