New climb added to the site: Perrins Creek Road

It’s been a little while between drinks but here’s a new climb guide for the site: Perrins Creek Road.

For cyclists that frequent the Dandenongs, Perrins Creek is a popular staple; a short but surprisingly challenging climb that takes you through some of the most scenic parts of the Dandenong Ranges.

It sits in a hot-spot of great climbing within the Dandenongs, with the 1 in 20, The Wall and The Crescent all very close by, making it easy to string a whole bunch of climbs together.

So, if you haven’t climbed Perrins Creek Road, take a look at the climb guide then get out there and give it a crack. And if you have done Perrins Creek Road, head over to the climb guide and share your thoughts about and experiences of this great little climb.

2 Replies to “New climb added to the site: Perrins Creek Road”

  1. Ended up on this the other day when trying to cut through to the wall. Not too much through traffic and some good steep stuff.

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