From C grade to the National Road Series in one year

Here at The Climbing Cyclist we've been following Verita Stewart's progress through the cycling ranks since back in April. Since then she's moved from racing C grade all the way up to the National Road Series -- the highest level of domestic racing here in Australia. In this post Verita reflects on her season so far and the lessons she's learnt, all while looking to the road ahead. Read more “From C grade to the National Road Series in one year”

Stratford to Dargo 2013

It mightn't be as well known as Mt. Baw Baw or Mt. Hotham, say, but the epic 10km climb just out of Dargo still inspires fear in riders that have ridden it (and even those that haven't). Put that hill at the end of an already-hilly race and you've got the makings of something truly horrific. In this report, Robert Merkel tells the story of his long battle with the Dargo hill and how he handled it in Masters C at this year's race. Read more “Stratford to Dargo 2013”

Guest post: Tour of Bright 2012

Last weekend hundreds of cyclists descended on the alpine town of Bright for one of Victoria's most popular and most prestigious amateur bike races -- the Tour of Bright. While most of the attention was focused on men's and women's A grade, there's far more to the Tour of Bright than the pointy end of the top grades. In this guest post Josh Goodall documents the lead-up to his first Tour of Bright and how the weekend eventually unfolded. Read more “Guest post: Tour of Bright 2012”