New climb guide: Myrtleford-Stanley Road

It’s been a little while since I added a new climb to the site but hopefully this one was worth waiting for: the Myrtleford-Stanley Road.

If you rode in the inaugural Gran Fondo Beechworth this year you’ll be familiar with this climb — it was the last and most considerable challenge of the ride, coming close to the end of the 173km day (or less if you did the Medio Fondo).

The climb is 10.7km long with an average gradient of 4.7% but it’s arguably harder than that would suggest. The opening 5km and the final 3km are pretty easy but the middle section — 2.9km at roughly 8% — is quite challenging. Particularly at the end of a long ride like the Gran Fondo Beechworth.

So, take a look at the climb guide for the Myrtleford-Stanley Road and if you’ve ridden the climb before, please leave your thoughts and impressions in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

Please note: this post initially referred to the climb as Mt. Stanley but I’ve since been told by a local rider that it’s more commonly known as the Back of Stanley climb or the Myrtleford-Stanley Road climb. Mt. Stanley is apparently a separate unsealed climb elsewhere in the region.

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  1. What a great climb, lots of locals now use this road as part of their training program. Going down from Stanley requires some concentration. Technical off camber turns will text the best. Cars now use this road as a short cut so be car wise as some want to be a bit” friendly”. Yes the middle it a test. Otherwise enjoy a great part of Victoria. Why not include it as part of your ride to “Yack” from Beechworth or Myrtleford?

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