The Wiggle Bendigo Belter 2012

We're all familiar with the popular and well-established recreational challenge rides in Victoria: Around the Bay in a Day, Amy's Gran Fondo, the Audax Alpine Classic ... and so on. But one ride you mightnt've heard of is Wiggle's Bendigo Belter ... and with good reason: Sunday's running of the event was the first Belter ever in Australia and the marketing around the event was minimal. Read more “The Wiggle Bendigo Belter 2012”

Guest post: From Sydney to Melbourne in 5 days

Riding 200km in a day is a great effort on its own, let alone averaging 200km+ a day for five days. A couple weeks ago, Dougie 'Grinderman' Hunt and Matt 'Fletch' Fletcher set off from Sydney with the aim of getting back to Melbourne -- via a 1,100km coastal route -- in five days. This is the story of their journey, as told by Dougie, with photos from both he and Fletch. Read more “Guest post: From Sydney to Melbourne in 5 days”

Double Donna, Triple Donna, Quadruple Donna?

As a recreational cyclist that's spent the past few years getting stronger and faster on the bike, there's a question that keeps resurfacing in my mind: 'What's the limit of my cycling ability?' I suspect it's a question that most (if not all) cyclists find themselves asking at one point or another and for me, trying to answer that question is one of the biggest appeals of cycling and sport in general -- how far can I push myself before it becomes too much? Read more “Double Donna, Triple Donna, Quadruple Donna?”