3 Peaks Challenge 2013: what to expect

Make sure you enjoy the scenery as you go.
On the weekend of March 10 2013, thousands of cyclists will converge on the Falls Creek Alpine Resort to take part in one of the hardest single-day rides in Australia: Bicycle Network's 3 Peaks Challenge. If it's your first time tackling the event, the 235km course with 4,300m of climbing will be daunting to say the least. So what can you expect from the various sections of the ride? Read more “3 Peaks Challenge 2013: what to expect”

Guest post: Tour of Bright 2012

Last weekend hundreds of cyclists descended on the alpine town of Bright for one of Victoria's most popular and most prestigious amateur bike races -- the Tour of Bright. While most of the attention was focused on men's and women's A grade, there's far more to the Tour of Bright than the pointy end of the top grades. In this guest post Josh Goodall documents the lead-up to his first Tour of Bright and how the weekend eventually unfolded. Read more “Guest post: Tour of Bright 2012”