New climb guide: Wild Dog Creek Road/Busty Road

On a recent camping trip to Apollo Bay on Victoria’s famous Great Ocean Road I got the chance to ride a bunch of roads I’d never ridden before. One such road was the Wild Dog Creek Road/Busty Road climb, which starts just off the Great Ocean Road about 3km out of Apollo Bay.

I was instantly blown away by how beautiful the climb was. In fact it reminded me of the Col de la Madone climb in the French Riviera with the way it clung to the ridgeline as it climbed away from the ocean.

If you’re in the area I highly recommend you check out the climb, and set aside some time to stop and take in the views. Of course, before you do that, check out the climb guide here.

If it’s a climb you’ve done in the past, please feel free to head over to the climb guide and leave your thoughts. I’m always keen to hear your thoughts!


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  1. good one, mountain bikers know this climb from the Otway Odyssey that used to start out of Apollo Bay and go up Wild Dog/Busty, that’s the reason JBlood 1979 (Chris Jongewaard) & co. are KOMs on Strava.

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